Mavropigi-Dog darf Griechenland nicht verlassen!

Gibt es ein Wandel im Tierschutz - Denken in Griechenland???

Uns erreichte eine wunderbare Nachricht direkt von Alexia:

Hello my dear friends.
I would like to share the story of Kobe.
Kobe was one of the poor little puppy, starting his little life in the abandoned village of Mavropigi. Having my best wishes to raise him well besides all the strangles.
One day, the bad-bad thing, called parvoiosis, came to his life.
I had to overcome the circumstances once again and try to save him.
Kobe visit the doctor and put a serum to his little wicked vein.

......... and his war inside him just started! Also mime!

One day, second day.......... all 7 days and nights, he was strangled to keep in life without eating absolutely nothing, without drinking not a drop of water!

Nothing just the serum under his vein, nothing just my hands trying to comfort his little body as he was staying at the same position and my voice, as I talked to him and he waved wickedly his tail.


Kobe was meant to live...... 

Kobe was meant to live happily with his new family.....

Kobe is adopted from a lovely family in Athens.

His best friend Lampros is the boy who had strangled and fight for his life too when he was a baby...... like Kobe for his own.

From the bottom of my heart I wish to them a beautiful life together and a great THANK YOU for having Kobe like all the dogs deserve to be ...... like a King