Zwei EU Paletten aus Deutschland erreichten Alexia

Am 25. März schrieb Alexia auf Facebook:

„In this difficult moments that all planet lives, I feel very happy to have people like you all.You thinking of me and our sweet souls of Mavropigi..... so the 2 pallets came safe and full of precious food and not only....
The box that my sweet boy Mickey travels to my dear Ewa. Who she makes great efforts so to returns safe the box back.
The box and her beautiful parcel gifts for me...... Ewa
Also Kerstin for her parcel full of surprises....... Kerstin
My dear Martina for your great fluffy beds for my precious cats...... Martina   
A BIG thank you to Brigitte and the great Katzenhilfe Bleckede for the great help to my sweet 15 and more precious souls cats.
I would like to thank you Markus for this great action and for packing so good once more the 2 pallets

Of course all YOU my friends for supporting me and giving me the strength that I need.

Thank you from my heart